Beginner Here, Database Setup Problems

I feel dumb asking this, but I’m stuck at just the third step of installation. I have an account with (if that helps) and I got the piwik files onto my server and accessed the installation system all right, but at the third step I got confused.

Database Server - what is this specifically? It automatically filled it in with some numbers but I have no idea what they are, since they aren’t in my account info my server sent me.

Database Name - I have no idea what I am supposed to put here. After a few wrong answers I just filled in Piwik like the example image had in the installation guide, but that didn’t work. So I guess I am supposed to put something here, but what?

If someone could help me and dumb the third step of the installation process down for me, I’d appreciate it. I read the FAQ and the step-by-step guide but they weren’t very helpful… I think both assumed I was more advanced with these sorts of things. I’m not :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask to fatcow sysadmin ,the database server and db name info.

I have no idea what kind of control panel you have to fatcow, but I assume you have tools like phpmyadmin. Basically you should create a datebase and a client with proper rights to connect to that database.

This handy video might help you :Installing Piwik

Thanks everyone! My problem was indeed that I didn’t understand making a new database in MySQL. I watched the video (which I think was in the FAQ but ignored the first time because I thought it was just for installation issues, not for setup) and though my server didn’t work when I used localhost I got it working eventually.

Thanks again!

Glad the video helped :wink: