Batch Load Capabilities?



Looked at a few videos showcasing Piwik, nice job!

This is my first posting, glad this forum is here.

I support a client-side web application that is in need of web analytics. One of my most important requirements is the ability to “batch” web metrics because speed and efficiency is of utmost importance to my user base. Depending on the speed of my user’s clicks, it’s possible to rack up more than 30 clicks in a minute. Rather than pushing click events one by one I want to batch them in the client to a preset limit (say 30 events) then push them all at once to the server with a single handshake. I looked through the documentation and the forum but couldn’t find anything addressing this.

Is this something Piwik can do? If not is it on the radar?



UPDATE: Found this on Wikipedia

Name Platform Supported databases Tracking Method Latest stable release Latest release date License
Piwik PHP MySQL JavaScript or PHP pagetag or Web log files 2.2.2 2014-05-08 GNU GPL

Since web logs are a valid data path into Piwik perhaps if I send my click events down to my server then convert them into web log format then import them into Piwik? I’m grasping here…

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see feature: Javascript tracker can send tracking API requests as bulk for better performance · Issue #4910 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


Thank you Matt for your quick response!