Banner Impressions Tracking


Hi everyone,

I am developing an application that serves the banner to a mobile apps.every banners is linked to a Micro website. Piwik is working fine and gathering the statistics for Micro website.i wants to track the banners too. whenever banner served or click on the banner, i am inserting a row in my table with the following information.

  1. banner_id
  2. campaign_id
  3. action (serve/click/bookmarked etc.)
  4. country_id
  5. city_id
  6. profession
  7. date

i am gathering all the required information and saving it in my tables. i wants to display a dropdown menu with the list of campaigns, if user select campaign “A”, then it displays all the banners of the selected campaign with total impression of each banner, total clicks etc. i can generate the query but i dont have the idea how to add a dropdown list and get the banners and its statistics in piwik.

can anyone send me briefe tutorial to develop my own plugin to accomplish the above mention job or is there any plugin available for it ?

any suggestion, help would be appreciated.


Hi asifqua,
I know that Piwik can track when a banner is clicked, but I was wondering if you could tell me how to track if a banner is served (impression) in Piwik. I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance!

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

To track custom events, you can use the tracking API: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo and use “custom page titles” via $t->doTrackPageView(‘banner/generate/1555’);


Thanks Matt! I’m still new to this so please excuse my ignorance, but I was wondering if we can track impressions of different ad banners ON THE SAME PAGE separately, using the tracking API technique that you mentioned here? Or does this API call only track a full page view only?

Thanks again for your time,

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

Yes you can track several pages, it will do a separate http request to piwik.php (tracking API) for every call to doTrackPageView()