Average Generation Time issue

Hey All,

First off, big shout out to Piwik for the awesome open source analytics solution!

I am looking at the metric for ‘Average Generation Time’ on the Piwik dashboard, and wanted to see if anyone could chime in on having inconsistent data? When using the application I notice on average mine and others in my workplace have page loads of >1s, yet when I view in the Piwik dashboard the average generation time for every page over multiple site IDs is <0.05s.

I looked into the documentation and even the code to see that it is based on the time it takes the server to load the page + the time it takes for the user to download the response from the server. To me if I am using the app and it takes on average 1-2s for the page to fully generate, why would the average generation show <0.05s?

Would love to hear others thoughts/issues on the problem?


Hello, you can check the Average generation time, for each page in the Visitor Log, in the tooltip over each page. do you see correct value there, for your own visits? if you don’t see correct value, maybe there is a bug in how this value is calculated as it should indeed include the time it takes for server to generate the request. If so please create an issue in our tracker so we will follow up: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub

Thanks for chiming in matthieu. Turns out since we wrapped piwik into an angularJS directive the average generation time gets calculated after the angular app starts which is after the page is generated.

So nothing on your end, but it is an interesting find. Just glad I caught it before I tried to make generalization based on that specific data point.