Availability of Piwik in Shopware and Wordpress

I like Piwik. It seems recently that the integration of Piwik by PlugIns in WorkPress and Shopware is stucking. In Wordpress no tested PlugIn available. In Shopware disapeared in the list of PlugIns.
What happened? And what is the future of Piwik 2016?



For Wordpress please see: WP-Piwik — WordPress Plugins

it is the official Piwik plugin for WP and is very popular.

Piwik is slowly growing and we are constantly working on making it better! Stay tuned…

Hello Matthieu!

Thanks for your answer.

I am glad to hear that newest version is available for WP 4.5.3!

Thanks a lot for your work to Piwik!
I hope that Piwik will be strong alive.

Do you have plans to setupup a PlugIn for Shopware e-commerce? They had a plugIn but from one day to another it disapered.

Best regards