Autoupdate not working/ DB not upgraded


Hello, I thought now, with 1.5.1 it would be better. After a parallel installation, this version actually ran flawlessly. Now I wanted to update my working 1.1.

Since the auto update feature has never worked, despite 777 for all folders, I was so naive at the time config.ini.php DB data from my 1.1 version to specify. Now wants to 1.5.1, fortunately with a warning that (delete / create new) instead of writing to update DB tables.

How do I get the 1.5.1 version please with my existing data to run? Auto update is running / not want to manually delete the DB data and recreate it.

How can help me pls. I’ve tried the German forum but received no help

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi, see the fix in:

please also post it in german forum at same time :slight_smile: