Autonomous detection of visitor interest across many sites

Hi Matthieu and team,

Let me start by saying this: we support a group that works in the field of sustainable development; and this group, which operates multiple web properties in its educational and other activities, has really benefited from PIWIK… they particularly like that using PIWIK is better for the privacy of their users. So thank you for creating it!

Next: This question builds on (possibly enhances) an earlier question from August 2015. That question was: “How to track same visitor/user across websites?”

(It does not appear that question was answered publicly.)

Today’s question goes a step further: Is there an existing feature allowing PIWIK to automatically detect and flag an IP that hits multiple sites in which the PIWIK javascript code has been inserted? (If not, I suggest this could be a feature request. To make it work, PIWIK would basically need to run an algorithm – either on demand, or at preset times where it wouldn’t harm performance – that checks each visitor IP in a given time period to see if it appears as a visitor in the data for any other site that is enrolled for such a cross-check.

Then, as a separate function, which would be a nice touch, it would be cool of an admin could mouse over IP addresses than show up in a highlighted color, and see a popup that shows the other sites/dates when that IP dropped by.

We ask this questions because we occasionally notice that a user takes information from one of this organization’s sites, and then the same day (or the next month), it comes to one of its ten sister sites for other kinds of information. It would be very useful in reporting to sponsors to be able to show that kind of repeat-visitor-across-multiple-platforms reputation.

This feature would also be useful for other PIWIK clients who must prove to the US Patent and Trademark Office (or similar boards around the world) that their trademark has gained loyalty and reputation among various segments of browsers. (In other words, it could assist such users with trademark enforcements.)

Thank you for reading this.

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