Automatically tracked goals incomplete

I have an issue with the automatically tracked goals for “stay a certain amount of time” in Matomo.
According to the documentation it is recommended to use automatically tracked goals.

How to Trigger Goals Automatically “When Visitors” Do Something (Recommended)

Recently I experienced that this feature is not working always properly for goals that are based on time.
If a users stays longer on page, the Matomo log shows more than eg. 30 seconds, 1 minutes or even longer no goal is triggered / recorded.
I have tested goals for “30 seconds on page” and “3min on page”, both are not always available.
And both are affected.

I am switching over now to test a programmatic solution (even if there is a movement between several pages from the site) and fire it manually / via script.

What I might can say that the automatic goal tracking is working fine if there are events triggered.
Did I miss something or is this the standard behavior in Matomo.
Goals are only tracked if there are any event based site interactions recorded?
It should also work with just time one page or time on site in general, right?