Automatically E-Mail Report not working


I have a problem with the automatically generated E-Mail reports. If I send me an report by myself via the ‘Send now’ button I receive an E-Mail like expected. But the task of sending it automatically will never be executed or created(?). Which, so I think, leads to the general problem. I’ve installed the Plugin ‘Tasks Timetable’ yesterday to get an overview about the tasks running in piwik but this overview is always empty. I guess at least there should be some default tasks displayed?
Did I miss some configurations or could there be any other settings which leads to such a problem?
I also run the System Check and get two Warnings:

  • LOAD DATA INFILE & about the Geolocation

My Configurations (Please let me know, if you need further infomation):

  • Piwik Version 3.2.0
  • Php Version 5.5.38-pl0



Do you see any errors in the php error log?

Have you set up a cron job?