Automatic update problems

For some reason with my host, the automatic updates almost always fail due to the script timing out. Would it be possible for the script to be broken in steps where it auto refreshes the page? for example:
[li] Download files
[/li][li] Unpack files
[/li][li] Move files
[/li][li] Update database

Just an idea!

Hi there, here is the feature request: Piwik updater: Add support for delta updates · Issue #8327 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

I think it’s exactlly what I need to fix my problem also.,127288,128577#msg-128577

Hi matthieu,

How are you?

I wanted to ask if there is any news about this problem/feature that will fix the update problem?


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Will there be delta updates on the new Piwik 3?