Automated User Registration

(Alex G.) #1

As a good extension it might be helpfull for Piwik-Administrators to have a plugin called ‘User Registration’.

This plugin allows User to register for Piwik-instance with their Mail Adress, User Name etc. The admin will receive an automatic mail with a simple Link to Piwik. There, he can approve membership and add required fields like Profile etc. and click simply on “save”.

It’s time consuming registering new User if your system is used by many users.


Why does this request get ignored year after year? It’s time to create this type of plugin as requested by users over and over again. Charge for it if you want to but give the customer what they want. Where is the registration plugin? We want it.



I agree, it would make life much easier. We hope it will be available in near future.

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Deko G
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(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Hi guys,

Please leave a comment in the related feature request to make your voice heard: Piwik self service: let un-registered users register and create a website · Issue #7622 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub