Autologin & Remember me

Hi guys,

how can i set “Remember Me” option with auto login ?

This is an autologin string url:

Do exist a sort of rememberme option ? For example:

Can anyone help me, please ?

Hello, currently logme doesn’t support Remember me option.
This may be added in: matomo/Login.php at 3.12.0-b1 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
add || $action == 'logme'
and then you could POST to the logme URL and also POST this value: form_rememberme=1

Maybe you could try this if it works for you?

I did what you said but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Ok sorry to hear it does not work, I had not tested it, so it must be missing something. Would you mind creating an issue feature request in
and maybe we could take a look at it in the future.

Do you mean a Pull Request ?

Pull request be great, if you find the solution. otherwise an issue if you want to request the feature (but likely we won’t have time to work on this soon)

I’ll try once again to login using new code, then i’ll proceed.

Is it corrent ?

    private function shouldHandleRememberMe()
        $module = Common::getRequestVar('module', false);
        $action = Common::getRequestVar('action', false);
        return ($module == 'Login' || $module == 'CoreHome') && (empty($action) || $action == 'index' || $action == 'login' || $action == 'logme' );

Hi Matthieu Aubry,

i’ve poste on Matomo issues: