Auto-Update to 3.1.1 - Template Morpheus not found

Just started to Autoupgrade to 3.1.1 - now I get the error:
The “/var/www/clients/client3/web5/web/piwik/plugins/Morpheus/templates/” directory does not exist ("/var/www/clients/client3/web5/web/piwik/plugins/Morpheus/templates/"). - and of course its not there. Got it back from my backup - now I just get a white page. I’ll recover the whole directory from the backup I think…

EDIT: Revovered Folder and files from yesterday - now I get an error about open pasedir?

How can I get an error from Piwik 3.1.1 when I copied back files and database from backup?

Probably somewhere in your code lies your old connection which might be conflicting with your new one. Any chance you changed it while upgrading?


As there seem to be some files missing, it is probably the easiest solution to replace the whole piwik folder:

No, didn’t change anything while the update, not before, during or after. Thanks for the manual Update - will try it when I’ve time to.