Auto-update option for 1.2 not appearing?

I have 2 servers, both of which have complete installs of piwik 1.1.1.

I just checked today, and one of them has the update notification for 1.2 - and was promptly upgraded successfully - and the other one doesn’t, in the upper righthand corner of the dashboard it has the familar ‘help with 1.1.1’ blue blurb.

Why doesn’t the latter install have the update notification?



because its cached to avoid over and over requesting the upgrade info.

Ok, but then when the auto-update option appear so I can easily upgrade?

Is there a way to force it?

ctrl+ F5

will update the browser cache

That was the first thing I tried when I saw the difference between the 2 servers, but no dice. Tried again just now in case, but no.

For whatever reason, the auto-update notification just appeared for the first time on my 2nd server, and I updated successfully.

Update is only checked every 8 hours. We will add a button to force the check.