Auto-Sorting in "All Websites"

Hey there,
what have you done while the implementation of Piwik 1.4 :stuck_out_tongue:

No-configurable Auto-Sorting in “All Websites”. Visitors discanding?

I would like to sort this table in the “Website” column descanding !forever! not just up to the next auto-refresh :slight_smile:

Is there a possibility to change this configuration?

I’m using an german piwik, so may my translations for “All Websites” oder “Website” aren’t right ^^

OK, please create a ticket in trac, and we will add a config setting to customize the sort order. Also you say that when it auto refresh it does order by website? this should not happen, it should always load visits desc?

Jop, right this is the problem, I change the ordering of the table, and after the next auto-refresh, my settings where deleted… :confused:
Ok I’ll registrer an Account in Trac, creating an ticket, hopefully doing no mistake…

Hi Oliver,

I prefer sites listed by website name too. That way you know where to look straight away as the order doesn’t change. Change lines 19 and 20 in piwik>plugins>MultiSites >controller.php to
protected $orderBy = ‘names’;
protected $order = ‘asc’;
to change it back to how i think it was.


protected $orderBy = 'website';
protected $order = 'asc';

to list in order of website ID