Auto-Archiving Problem

(Andy) #1


First of all thanks a lot for this great piece of software. I think Piwik is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

The installation works without any problems and I’m collected some data. Then I wanted to set up auto-archiving, edited the .sh file and manualy executed it. It seems to be that it works in generall, but when I execute it over the shell I get a lot of (translation errors?) warnings:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 34

Backtrace -->#0  Piwik_ErrorHandler(2, Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), /var/www/vhosts/, 34, Array ([languages] => ,[languageNames] => Array ())) called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#1  Piwik_LanguagesManager_API::getAvailableLanguages() called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#2  Piwik_LanguagesManager::getLanguageCodeForCurrentUser() called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#3  Piwik_LanguagesManager->getLanguageToLoad(Event_Notification Object ([_notificationName] => Translate.getLanguageToLoad,[_notificationObject] => ,[_notificationInfo] => Array (),[_notificationState] => 0,[_notificationCount] => 0)) called at [(null):0]

#4  call_user_func_array(Array ([0] => Piwik_LanguagesManager Object (),[1] => getLanguageToLoad), Array ([0] => Event_Notification Object ([_notificationName] => Translate.getLanguageToLoad,[_notificationObject] => ,[_notificationInfo] => Array (),[_notificationState] => 0,[_notificationCount] => 0))) called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#5  Event_Dispatcher->postNotification(Event_Notification Object ([_notificationName] => Translate.getLanguageToLoad,[_notificationObject] => ,[_notificationInfo] => Array (),[_notificationState] => 0,[_notificationCount] => 0), 1, ) called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#6  Event_Dispatcher->post(, Translate.getLanguageToLoad, Array (), 1, ) called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#7  Piwik_PostEvent(Translate.getLanguageToLoad, ) called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#8  Piwik_Translate->getLanguageToLoad() called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#9  Piwik_Translate->loadUserTranslation() called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

#10 Piwik_FrontController->init() called at [/var/www/vhosts/]

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or is this normal because I don’t have colected enough data (as I said this is my first day)?

Any help would be nice style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

Best regards,

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

can you replace your existing plugins/langagesmanager/api.php with the following file:…php?format=raw

is it working better? do you still get the error?

(Andy) #3

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve tried it with the API.php you linked. Now it seems to be working without any problems: The output seems to be ok and there are no error messages.

Best regards and thanks for the fix,