Assign users to a specific website


As a webdeveloping-company we are adding Piwik tracking to all our websites. We run one instance of Piwik on our own server and link our clients to their specific dashboards.

We also want to provide our clients with the android and iPhone apps, but everywhere is the complete list of clients on our Piwik-system visible.

It would be ideal if we can assign users for each individual website and when someone signs in with a username assigned to site #3, that the dashboard (or mobile settings) for site #3 become visible, without a possibility to switch to our other clients sites.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Create logins for your clients, with a ‘view’ permission, they won’t see other users.


:blush: That worked! Thanks! I’ve searched a long time, but that option didn’t came to mind!