Are there ways to levarage Tag Manager in (React) Native mobile apps?

We have a React Native mobile application. I’m aware of the two integrations and have checked their source code. They use the Matomo-supplied Native SDK’s and Fetch API respectively. Both options make sense to me. The third option I’ve considered is doing API calls myself to the Matomo track API.

I had dismissed using Tag Manager in a (React) Native mobile application entirely, since there is no website or runtime JavaScript involved at all. Which leads me to my question: Is my assumption that Matomo Tag Manager is not relevant to (React) Native mobile applications correct?

The only reasonable option I could still see is to have a hidden Web View in the mobile app in the background and use Tag Manager via that, but then there’s not really anything to gain from Tag Manager since none of the existing Tags would be able to find any useful event or information from that isolated web view, right?

(I asked this question from Matomo support but the redirected me to the forums. I’ve searched online but found no relevant results so far.)