Are there any other Realtime views?


I currently have both Google Analytics & Matomo running on all my sites and would really like to totally end Google Analytics. I only rely on Google Analytics for their Realtime Overview dashboard only which shows:

  1. How many active users
  2. Active Pages
  3. Location
  4. Traffic Source

Just wondering if there is any custom realtime view available in Matomo or can it be customized close to the above somehow. Really would like to totally remove Google Analytics and use Matomo only for all my sites moving forward. I know Matomo offers the Real-time view but just looking more for actual different view of the data, where it’s easier to just view quickly. Thanks so much for any input/feedback.

Hello Dezmond,

check out the Matomo real-time widgets for the dashboard.


Thanks a bunch for your response!

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You can try the demo:

Thanks a bunch Tom! Will check it out