Archiving job is not working

Hi there,

The data is not being aggregated. The data is being tracked fine appears in real-time visitors log but not in other sections. Actually, I think the issue is with archive job. It shows output as follows.
Done archiving!

Processed 0 archives.
Total API requests: 0
done: 0 req, 297295 ms, no error
Time elapsed: 297.295s
Starting Scheduled tasks...

As in the above summary, Processed = 0, Total API requests = 0 and done = 0 so it seems to be problematic.

The logs files are attached below.

Please help us to fix the issue. This issue occurred in production version so it is on top priority. Thanks a lot in advance!

Lukas Winkler
Can you please have a look at the above post and let me know about your feedback. Thanks!