Archive tables for the first month of the year we install?

I delete my first installation of Piwik and it’s database.
I know it was unneeded to move it on a subdomain or even maybe when one of my sites was getting a new domain, but i had problems with it after trying too much plugins (not sure wich was in cause).

So, past midnight “yesterday”, my new Piwik was up and functionning. I had a first visitor a few hours after i finished to put the new tracker on all pages of the first site.

I wanted to see the MySQL tables of a new Piwik to understand better it’s functionning (i’m dreamin of making a plugin one day but that’s another story). I was a bit “chocked” to see that this new installation (with an all new DB) did not got rid of one of my problems. I still have archives tables for the first month of this year. But, this time, they dont take as much space as i didn’t use the thing to generate false stats.


Maybe thoses tables are needed for something i dont quite understand yet. What can you tell me about it ?

Not much it seems.

Shouldn’t be generated normally. I’m not seeing it on my servers. Query your log_visits table and see what might be causing it.

I’m not sure if it does something different but i use the phpMyAdmin on my hosting to view tables and their content.

Here a capture of the dates colums while data is sorted by the idvisit :


Should i made it sort data by one of the dates ?
If you want i can make a new install on my local server (wampserver). I thinks thoses tables were there even before having any visit.

It seems to be an archive of all data for one year.
But i wonder, since you say you dont have it, could it be because i used the site summary ?

Going onto the summary and selecting stats for year basis, the numeric_2009_01 table has gotten an upgrade of it’s content. For all 7 sites, it show something like this :

3 numbers found in last colomn on that image are what the site sumary actually show me for the first site.

Lol! I’ve installed Piwik on the day 2 of this month.
The first visit was a few hours later.
But now i got two archive table for the previous month.
Why ? I think i know.
Selecting Week as the time frame, monday was from previous month (the 31).
The archiving of data for the week has been put in numeric_2009_08.
So, it’s seems to be all normal.
I’m glad i managed to understand how it work.
But, is it the normal behavior or is it because of the site summary ?

You are correct. Sorry, my mistake.

Piwik does create archive tables to summarize your data as you change your period and/or dates.