Archive.php - Access forbidden


I can’t use misc/cron/archive.php as cronjob for replaceing as recommended.

I have reviewed archive.php and detect a possible way to enter the credentials

But this also not worked.

How do I setup archive.php correctly?

Give the url to your real piwik site instead of localhost!

You can’t acccess them, it’s an internal domain.

Not to me. to archive.php ;-).

That’s my cronjob definition (execute part). the “special-piwik.domain” is the domain I can access the Piwik control panel - no additional path.

The script will load the token from the file config/config.ini.php is it created and correct?

Otherwise check your web server error logs
Maybe the problem is that the script is not allowed to do the request?

Hi matt,

there is no token in config/ or it is “salt”?

Then token is produced by the API CALL which in your case returns nothing. So probably the problemis your webserver blocks the request. Run archive.php and look in error logs.