Archive Data not showing

I recently installed PIWIK and added about 80 domains to it and set up all the tracking, everythign was great until PIWIK started to run slowly. I noticed that there was a cron job running every hour so I set the options to not trigger with the web browser and instead use the 3600 rule.

PIWIK is now much faster and does not time out, however I now cannot see any archive data. All data is archived every hour right? does this mean it is deleted or moved somewhere else?

Sureley I should still be able to see the data despite the housekeeping rule?

I am concerned that when the reports run the next time all my clients will receive empty reports.

Can someone work with me to find a solution to this? I would be eternally grateful?!?!

I have just updated to 1.8.3 beta successfully.

The issue has not been resolved.

Please help.

Thanks for the report.
Can you please enable logging of the cron job output in the file archive.log as per the doc?
Also make sure you write >> instead of > so that several runs are written in the log file.

There is the same report by another user. Can you please email me access to your piwik mysql db, via phpmyadmin for example? and the archive.log file after a few hours/day ? at matt@piwik .org

Thanks for your help in resolving this issue.

Hi Matt

I have been to the general settings and changed the setting back to allow the archive to trigger from the browser, this has returned the data to the screen.

I have left the setting at 3600 seconds and I have left in place the cron job to action on an hourly basis.

It appears to have resolved the issue and all data and reports look good.

Is this fix good enough?


Yes good enough, but try using the latest 1.8.3 beta: 301 Moved Permanently

and it would be better to disable the “Browser archiving”

As per above this is 1.8.3b

can you try

  1. disable browser archiving
  2. set timeout to 80000

Do you then see reports OK?

I have disabled browser cachine and changed the timeout to 80’000

all the data appears to be ok and piwik seems to run faster.

my concern is if the data will still be there after the next cron runs.

What are your thoughts now that I have done this?

If you use 1.8.3-b5 it should work !
make sure latest beta, sorry for many updates. 301 Moved Permanently

It has not worked in the Beta that I am using v3 I think. I will now download b5 and try that.

My reports are stuck basically at the same visitor numbers I had before you asked me to make the change. I am therefore concerned it is not working.

I will update to v5 now and come back to you.


I have installed b5 and connected to the database.

I have set up the general settings to disable browswer archiving and set the time to 80’000

there is no data in any of the screens. The visit numbers have not changed in the all websites view.

Please advise.

Is the data still there and we are just not getting the output? or are the visitors just not being tracked?

to remind you
Verion 1.8.3b5
browser archiving set to no
timeout 80000
cron job set to run every hour on the hour.

For now I have reverted back to the defaults of activating browser caching and running at 10 seconds.

This has released the data into the screen and things appear to contain what they should

it’s just very slow and not really a solution.

Can you revert back with a further suggestions.

I’m happy that all the data is there but it’s just too slow.

Also that cron job is still running at every hour, what are the implications of this. ?

I am now unable to get to the site.

Can you tell me how / which file I need to modify to change the timeout settings or the report archiving settings so that i can bring the site backup. Even the mobile app times out as it is taking too long to render the data.

I need you help and suggestions going forward on what the best setting will be, I need the data to be visible (even if archived) and I need the system to run at a usable speed.

PLEASE help Matt :slight_smile:

Configure the cron: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

then set timeout of 7200 and it should work fine?

Leave browser archiving off?
Set Time to 7200?
Leave cron to run every as default (hourly)

additionally the email reports are not sending.
The local mail function works, as the password recovery email arrives no problems. the reports do not send and the send report now also fails to make them arrive in my inbox, How would I go about fixing this too?

Just to clarify I have set the browser trigger to off, the timeout to 7200 seconds and left the cron job running.

My findings are.
There is no data in the reports
The stats do not appear to change anymore (as if the archiving is not running)

The cron runs manually ( I have tested it) but it returned an email log with the following single line in it

php binary not found. Make sure php5 or php exists in PATH.

Despite the error the cron ‘appears’ to work ?? so why the lack of figures and why they are not updating on an hourly basis?

ok so the only way this 'appears; to work is
if the browser trigger is set to on.
the timeout is still 7200 but I don’t know if this is being read by the system.

I am thinking of running the cron every half hour instead of every hour ? this would process the data and keep it up to date more often?

Could the previous error in the cron be simply that the cron thinks it’s taking too long and believes it’s fallen over when in fact it is running?

I have just manually run the following cron …/misc/cron/

I received the following result

Archiving for idsite = 49 done! Reports archiving finished.

please use archive.php script: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks the cron has now been correctly configured to execute the archive.php as described in your link.

The output is all but 8 of the 49 sites correctly archive.
Thise that dont have the following errors

ERROR: Got invalid response from API request
The response was empty. This usually means a server error (for example, PHP reached the maximum memory_limit). Please check your Web server Error Log file for more details.

The error log simply says "premature end of script head’

You expertise as always is very much appreciated in helping to resolve this issue.