Apply window_look_back_for_visitor for past days

Hello together,

I’m new here, but I’ve been using Piwik for a long time.

For one of my websites I’m using the Piwik Image Tracker. Now i noticed that unique users are tracked multiple times when the time between two visits is longer than 30 minutes. In meinem Fall wird die Seite während des Tages öfters im Abstand von 1-2 Stunden aufgerufen.

According the FAQ this additional lines in config.ini.php should solve my problem:

window_look_back_for_visitor = 86400

After applying this setting I tried this to regenerate the statistics: How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? - Analytics Platform - Piwik
Unfortunately the new setting seems not to be applied.

Is it somehow possible to change that behavior for the already past days?

I’m running Piwik 3.2.1

Thank you and Kind Regards

Better try to use visit_standard_length = XXX - this will record visitors which are inactive for XXX seconds in the same visit rather than creating a new visit.

window_look_back_for_visitor is for returning visitor recognition.

From your description I think window_look_back_for_visitor fits better to my situation.

But no matter what parameter I tried, I can’t get this settings applied for my previous visits. On one day there are 127 visits and 127 unique visitors. At least some of them visited the my site using the same IP and device.

I tried this How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? - Analytics Platform - Matomo in combination with this How do I record tracking data in the past, and tell Piwik to invalidate and re-process the past reports? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Do you have any recommendation in regard to this?

Seems like something else is going on then. 127 Visits with 127 Unique visitors really sounds strange. Seems like the visitor recognition fails completely. Is this an intranet page or a normal website?

You’re right, this is some kind of “intranet”.
I’m using it for an one day event where the guests are connecting their mobile phones via Wifi and visiting my page at multiple times.
That is also the reason why I would like to change the statistics backdated.

Here is a quick screenshot of the visitor log (look at the IP address - it is unique because of a 2 days DHCP lease time):

Follow this config setting for intranet pages: How do I track visits on my intranet? - Analytics Platform - Matomo after that, the data should look a lot cleaner and then we’ll have a look again if the problem (lookback_window) still exists.

Could you please explan what would you expect with this setting? From the description I don’t believe that this setting will help as the tracking is done using an image not using the regular javascript way.
Even if it is not completely clear on my screenshot the IP address is always unique.