Apply Segments to all actions for a visitor

Hi, I am new to Piwik and this forum.

I am trying to create a segment to identify visitors who have not visited a certain type of page on my website. The site is a mediawiki and the type of page is the edit page. The page is identifiable by the URL: http://WIKINAME/w/index.php which is only found in this type of page.

I can easily create a Segment that shows me visitors who have visited an edit page by using the contains condition. However, I am finding it difficult to figure out how to show the inverse of this: visitors who for that visit have not visted an edit page. This is because it seems as though the condition is performed on each action and if any conditions are TRUE then the vistor is displayed (I am currently trying to set this up in the Visitors Log).

I have setup a Segment with condition URL “Does Not Contain” http://WIKINAME/w/index.php.

Because most of the visitors to the edit page will have visited non-edit pages during their visit this means that some of their actions are returning TRUE to the condition of does not contain http://WIKINAME/w/index.php. It seems as though if any actions return true then this visitor is displayed in the Visitors Log.

Can anyone help me to achieve the segment I am looking for?

Thanks in advance,


Instead of using purely segments, I would use custom variables instead: set a custom variable “hasVisitedEdit” to true in the edit page (scope = “visit”). Custom Variables Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo you can segment on these visitors this way.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your response. I can see how that should work.

I still feel as though it should be more simple and be possible just with Segments. Is this a weakness in the segment functionality? It seems odd that I can find the inverse subset of what I want but not the actual subset?

I suppose then segments need the option to be scoped per visit, rather than per page.