API users visited pages

Hello there,

I am building my lead qualification within my own dashboard.
but now i need to finds a specific users visited page by API to add to my database to determine my leads qualification process.

i use 2 websites.

#1 website is for getting leads by SEO
#2 website is my control panel from here i know my users username.

i match this by website #1 so i know what user visited what pages.

is this possible to know by api what pages the user has visited ?


Is there no one that can help me ?

You can add the username to Matomo now.
If your site uses PHP, add this to your tracking code.
You would want some kind of if statement to check if user was logged in first of course.

If you require help/consulting msg me @MichaelDeMutis twitter

<? echo sprintf("_paq.push(['setUserId', '%s']);", $myuserid); ?>