API to get nb_uniq_visitor

please which API can be return number of unique visitor per day! not summary, but all number uniq visitors per day thank you!


If you want to access the raw details of all visitors (I hope I understand you correctly) you can use the Live API (e.g. Live.getLastVisitsDetails)

Thanks for your reply, I want to retrieve the unique number of visitors per day to make a graph on my application, as the unique visitor graph on the piwik space.

Hi there,
hum not sure but we recently got a similar discussion on the French forum, isn’t it something like:

that you are looking for?


If you want to customize this any further, you can open the report you like to have in piwik and select the export button beneath it.
Then you can choose the format (you probably prefer json) and get the API URL you want.

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thank you so much ! :grinning: