API Reporting by Java 6 requests?

My company has an internal app based on Java 6.
The only problem is that Java 6 only supports TLS v1.0 or v1.1 at most.

Does Matomo API service allow such requests?

Hi @Zookaroo
Do you use Matomo on premise or Matomo Cloud?
I am not expert in the server configuration. I am not sure if this is Apache, PHP or Matomo itself that defines the supported TLS version, and I do neither know if a server configured in version 2 can communicate using version 1.1. Maybe @innocraft have some ideas?

Hello @Zookaroo. Matomo will support whatever your certificate publisher allows. It’s not set or handled by Matomo at all - it’s a webserver thing. So if your webserver accepts it then it’ll work.

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