API Changes in v3 for Static Image Graphs


thanks for the new version 3!!

In version 3 the api parameters for image graphs have been changed. In the API doc

… the browser and screen resolution images are broken in the doc page (“Invalid API module and/ or API action”).

The first image … to get the browsers - these 2 params have been changed:

  • old piwik v2: apiModule=UserSettings + apiAction=getBrowser
  • new piwik v3: apiModule=DevicesDetection + apiAction=getBrowsers (additional “s”)

Can you update the docs and maybe add a hint for that change?


Hi Axel
Thanks for letting us know. The changes are documented in the developer changelog:

I’ll update the documentation now :thumbsup:

Developer changelog is here: Piwik Platform Changelog - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

Great! Thanks for your fast answer and fixing it.