Api call for getKeywordsForPageUrl gives me an empty result set


Hello everybody, I’m trying to get the keywords used to get to a page with Referrers.getKeywordsForPageUrl API call but I always get an empty list, even though in action > site search > transition view, for the url in question, I can see the keywords listed on the left side (From Internal Search)
You can see in the files attached the api call result and the Piwik reports
[attachment 2282 APIcall.png]
[attachment 2283 PiwikReports.png]

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

Actually the Referrers.getKeywordsForPageUrl will return Referrer Keywords, and will not return internal site search keywords.

to get internal site search keyword, use the Actions.getSiteSearchKeywords API
and then call it with a segment for your given &segment=pageUrl==XXXX