API auth token

Under what circumstances does the auth token change its value? I have a plugin to WordPress (WP-Piwik) that relies on this token to be able to return usage statistics regarding WordPress to Piwik, but a couple of times now, the token seem to have changed…?

When you change your password, the token_auth changes as well.

I think we should make this clear in the UI. UI: clarify that changing password will change token_auth · Issue #2430 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Aha - that explains it. Yes, that would be nice, since it can have some - err … ramifications not entirely intended. Thanks for not saying “RTFM”… :wink:

Hi Matthieu,
is there an other possible reason ?
I have a case, where the token auth has changed, but the password is always the same !

oups ! “5 years later” :hourglass:
Mattieu, or one another… :slight_smile: