Apache Log Import


Hello everybody

I’m writing an Apache Log Import Module and i guess it’s almost done. I got all the data being written into the database and when i take a look at the tables it looks like everything is fine. But i don’t get any updates on the reports. Looking at the visitors it shows me every log entry i have. But all the data is not being used for any reports. Is there any help or advice?

Thx and cheers

(vipsoft) #2

You have to delete the already-generated archives for the dates covered by your imported data.


is there any function to do this? or do i have to delete it manually?

(vipsoft) #4

Sorry, you have to delete the archives manually.


i tried the misc/cron/archive.sh script but it does not work. first i deleted all archive tables within the database and then i tried this script… any idea?

(vipsoft) #6

Hmmm. If you’re importing data that predates the installation of Piwik, you’ll also have to adjust the ts_created in the piwik_sites table.

(Vincenza) #7

I am having the same issues; any additional help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(Matthieu Aubry) #8

Alternatively, in development mode, you can force archiving to trigger every time you request reports, by setting

always_archive_data_period = 1
always_archive_data_day = 1

in the config file.

dk, I am interested by your apache log import script. Can you please share it, and maybe we can include it in core in a future release? please contact me at matt att piwik.org or create a new ticket in trac if you have it working.


I do believe there is one way of doing this without deleting archives manually but yes, deleting the archives manually seems fit for now.


just as info: