Anybody else with this Upgrade Issue?

I have 0.2.26 installed, copied all the files 0.2.28 across, renamed the config file so it wasn’t picked up by the installer.

I then started the install via the frontscreen, it asked about config details, but didn’t ask me to upgrade the tables, just overwrite or reuse.

I reused the database and the new version didn’t work correctly. The graphs were wrong for the current day, the previous full day shows the correct graphs and one of the subpages raised an error.

I think this is because the tables need upgrading but didn’t. Putting the old files back and the previous version is working fine.

Do I need to upgrade to 0.2.27 first? Is this available as a download?

How can I upgrade to the latest version?

I got also problem with upgrading 0.2.26 =>0.2.28
I uploaded all 0.2.28 files to my hosting account.
Then I started my piwik index.php site. I saw this:
Tables are beeing upgraded - everything looks fine, but after I clicked upgrade Piwik I saw this:
I can not find this column (visit_goal_converted) in my database, continue to piwik it takes me back to first upgrade screen. Any sollutions ?

when updating, please follow the Update guide:

You should not rename your configuration file and reinstall selecting “Reusing table”. This process is used when moving Piwik from one server to another.

silnoreki, if you want to force an update from a previous version, in the mysql table piwik_option, set the field “version_core” to your previous version, eg. “0.2.17”. This will force Piwik to run the upgrader again.

jleahy, what is the value of your “version_core” field in the “piwik_option” table?

In the end I ditched the old version and reinstalled from scratch. I’ll make a note for future upgrades though. Thanks for the information.