Any way to track direct downloads?


Piwik tracks clicks on downloads on its own pages. But if a user goes to e. g.

from somewhere else or types in that URL directly in his browser, no Piwik-Javascript is loaded from anywhere. Consequently, this download is not tracked.

Are there any tricks zu make these downloads being tracked?



It’s even better than a trick because it’s a native function.

Go to Goals/Overview/Goal Management/Create a new goal, then Goal is Triggered when visitors download a file.

That could not be easier.

Jean Louis


This, sounds great, Jean. The problem is, it does not work. The goal behaves like the “downloads” statistic:

Clicks are tracked, direct downloads are not.

I would have wondered if it had worked. Piwik cannot access the webserver log files. Where else could Piwik recognize that file access?

Any other ideas anyone?

(vipsoft) #4

Use a proxy script to serve your downloads.


the proxy can be automatically injected with a .htaccess :wink: