[ANSWERED] Why not use JSCharts or flot instead of Open Flash Chart?

Today I was on a PC with a very outdated Flash version so Piwik showed “Flash 9 is at least required” in every widget.

So why don’t you use some pure JavaScript library such as JSCharts, flot (for jQuery) or jsflot (for Prototype) to draw the graphs?


It’s in the roadmap to provide some non-flash graphing as a fallback.

Code contributions welcome. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

Maybe it would be nice if you only use javascript to make charts, instead of embedding a flash file each time. It looks like it load a lot more faster and is more responsive, also, it’s very interactive. It’s free for non-commercial use: www.highcharts.com

This is already on the todo list.

www.highcharts.com is really really impressive woaw

Wow, yeah, I didn’t know that that was available. Great find!

highcharts.com is really really impressive wow style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif

it’s not open source though

Here is a free (MIT license) javascript library which allow to draw charts (raphaeljs.com/analytics.html), pies(raphaeljs.com/pie.html), maps (raphaeljs.com/australia.html)…

HighCharts is definitely open-source, and free for non-profits like Piwik.

Highcharts is definitely NOT open source! check their page: Highsoft Webshop

Whoops, I didn’t distinguish between “source editing allowed” and “open-source”. Sorry!

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