[answered] Mark users as task/completed


Some visitors have interesting search queries. In the detailed visitor logs I browse around and get new ideas what article to write next.

I would appreciate a feature to mark one visitor as a “task” and be able to set the task as completed when I have written the corresponding article.

Of course I will manage my tasks using a task management tool, so don’t oversize it. But in case I rescan the detailed visitor log from time to time and might not remember that I have already spent time on this search engine query and write the same article again :wink:

(vipsoft) #2

I’ll add this idea to the proposed Annotations plugin.


Well, this is my third feature suggestion and you took care about all of them. I think it was time to donate.
Do me a favor: don’t drink all the beers one evening, otherwise the implementation of the features will be too funny.