[ANSWERED] Just two things......Please. :)

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[size=14pt]1: IP address display in the control panel[/size]…where is this feature? I realize it may not be legal to capture and record peoples’ IP addresses in some countries (Germany, etc.), but that’s every user of Piwik’s responsibility to agree to the License to not enable IP address display if need be. Currently, it looks like Piwik is recording the IP addresses in the database, but why not display them with their hosts, location, etc.? I have a client that is trying to gather information about IP addresses to report fraud from redz dot com (ripoff search engine PPC business). I believe the only way to prove that information to the credit card company is to display it on the Piwik control panel - not a screen shot of the database…

So is this possible to create a ‘widget’ for displaying IP addresses and their location, ISP, etc.?

[size=14pt]2: Forum Titles - where are they??![/size] Take any topic for instance, and there is NO title in the browser! (“Piwik Forums - Mozilla Firefox” for EVERY thread). That’s a findability problem if you ask me…

  1. in last version of Piwik (i say this because i dont know what version you have), you can add the Live! Plugin to the dashboard and it show IP and many infos about the last 10 visitors or so.
    You can also see IP info going in Visitors > Visitor log.

  2. Piwik can’t do that.
    But you can modify the tracking script using infos in the docs of this site. You can use any PHP variable available in the forum script to do something like this :

piwikTracker.setDocumentTitle("<?php echo $myPageTitle; ?>");

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Tulip, Thanks so much!

  1. Currently, I cannot see Visitors > Visitor log - is this something that comes with the Live! Plugin? My current version is 0.5.4

  2. You’re saying this forum can’t be changed to display the appropriate titles for each thread?

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  1. Login as superuser. Click on the Settings link. On the Plugins tab, activate the Live plugin.

  2. I looked and didn’t see anything to use the thread title as the page title. I assume this is to allow sites to use custom headers. If you want to search only the forum, there’s a search box at the bottom of each forum section. (The search box in the right sidebar is a general search over *.piwik.org.)

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vipsoft, thanks for the reply.

  1. Awesome! Thanks so much - There is the data I was looking for! Very helpful!

  2. This is very strange. Wordpress, for example, pulls from the database the posting title and outputs it to the tag. What’s so hard to do that here on the Piwik forums?

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Here is what I’m thinking. (Attached image)

Does this make sense? Google would index these pages a lot better if each one had their own title instead of each one having “Piwik Forums”.


I’m not sure Piwik devs should invest time is this, unless they’re tired that people always duplicate topics, per example, but i dont really think it would prevent people doing so because most people are lazy and dont use the search.

I though you we’re asking how to do this on your own forum.

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No, I was just wondering why they didn’t pull from the database and output the title here on the forums. Really shouldn’t be that much work or time involved…

Anyways, thanks so much for the replies - you were a great help!