[ANSWERED] Block Piwik data collection


Hello all piwik users and devs.

What do you think about create a module to block Piwik data collection, just like this module to Google Analytics ?


Just to prevent things like this: German Regulators Could Fine Websites Using Google Analytics

(vipsoft) #2

already done; read the release notes for other changes in 1.x


Ok thanks.

But this is webmaster dependent; if he doesn’t fit the iframe in his pages, the user can’t block the data collection.

Am i wrong ?

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It’s up to the webmaster to offer the OptOut frame to visitors.

There’s also the DoNoTrack plugin Enable DoNotTrack support by default - ignore visits with DNT or X-Do-Not-Track header · Issue #2048 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub that implements the X-Do-Not-Track proposal.