Another set of noob questions


Hello everyone,

I have come across some other questions that I would like to share here maybe you can help me understand:


Do I need to define the goals myself in the Database!? So if in the JavaScript code I have:

piwikTracker.trackGoal(2); <-- should this goal be already defined!?


In the fake ecommerce plugin I have seen this:

var trans = { ‘orderId’ : order_id,
‘storeId’ : store_id,
‘total’ : total,
‘skus’ : ‘SKU’,
‘units’ : ‘1;2;1’
piwikTracker.trackLink( ‘/store’, ‘addTransaction’, trans );

Does that plugin handles the data or piwik records the trans data itself and store into a table!?


How does piwik knows what a conversion is? Based on the goals!?

I am sorry I am such a noob in the Analytics world. I am meeting with someone tomorrow morning to get a better understanding of this world.

Please help me understand this piece of great software style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

Thank you very much!

Goals: yes you need to add the goal first in Piwik
JSON: no the data will not be recorded, as specified in the doc, "For example, sending transaction data for use in an imaginary ecommerce tracking plugin."
Conversions: a conversion is when a goal happens, for a given visitor.