Anonymizing IP addresses


In Germany, an IP address is seen as personal data and therefore it is not permitted to save them. Is it possible to anonymize IP addresses in the piwik database after analysis? As I see it, it would suffice to set the last tripel to 000. Is this possible?



It’s an “after 1.0-Feature” :frowning:

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I would need it too!


Hi, it seems to become a real problem for german Piwik users if this feature is not available really soon.
Every tracking tool that uses full IP adress will be no legal and even Google Analytics will have to change this to be legal again in Germany.

I have a lot of projects running with piwik and i really appreciate software.
Would be a pitty to have to deactivate all the codes and to miss the tracking.

Is there any way to bring this feature faster? Custom programming or somthing else?
Would be great to have an opinion from the Piwik staff style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif THX a lot for your really good work so far!

We have increased priority for this feature as it is becoming a often requested feature from the german community:

This could be done as a setting to core rather than a plugin.

Sorry for doubble posting - just saw that the feature has been added to the 0.6 Version! ThX!!! This will help German useres a lot and maybe give piwik a boost in Germany as well.

Great news!
Any idea when 0.6 will be available?


Sorry, no timeframe estimate at this time, but in terms of releases, I’m guessing after 0.5.2 (or 0.5.3).

Thats really great. thx