AnonymizeIP -- can't go back to the 1-byte setting

Hello Piwik People

I’m new to Piwik, but I’ve got it (version 1.8.2) basically working for several sites.

I activated the AnonymizeIP feature, and set it to blank out 1 byte of each address. No problem.

Then I tried zeroing 2 bytes – that works. But now I can’t go back to the 1-byte setting: if I select 1 byte, the radio button jumps back to 2.

So I tried the 3-byte setting – that was accepted, but now I can’t go back to 1 or 2 bytes. But I can turn it off completely.

Is that supposed to happen? It doesn’t make much sense to me if so.



Thanks for the report, the bug is already fixed in SVN:

Thanks for that reply – which pointed me to the fact that I can edit config.ini.php to set

ip_address_mask_length = 1