Anonymize Tracking Data - Issue after Update to 4.9

At first, sorry for my bad english.

There seems to be a bug in the PrivacyManager.

In “Settings” - “Anonymize Tracking Data” - “Also use the Anonymized IP addresses when enriching visits.”
I choose “No” and then “SAVE”
But after reloading the page it is set back to “Yes (Recommended for privacy)”

When I take a look at the web console
is always set to “1”, no matter what I choose.

In version 4.8 it is set to “0” if I choose “No” - as expected

I hope, somebody can fix this, or tell me, what I did wrong.

Thank you!

Maybe the Issue has to do with the migration of AnonymizeIpController to VueJS?!

Hi, this should have been fixed here:

and will be released in 3.9.1

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Thanks for the information!
I should have found that myself - sorry…

Can there actually be side effects if I manually set the database entry in the matomo_option table for PrivacyManager.useAnonymizedIpForVisitEnrichment to 0?
Otherwise that would be an interim solution for me until version 4.9.1 is released.

That should be pretty safe as a workaround in the meantime