Android users with multiple devices WITHOUT UserId ?!


I realize that according to Matomo many of our android users have multiple devices but we don’t send any UserId to Matomo.

How is this possible?

Thanks you.

Where do you see this?

Hello, thank you for responding :slight_smile:

On there profil page, here an example:

Is it a wordpress site?
Do you use MTM? Raw JavaScript tracking? HTTP tracking? Server-side tracking? Server log import?

It is a React web app (but not a Single Page application) and we use the Raw JavaScript tracking.

I noticed another problem, all our visitors have the same IP address. I think there is a problem of implementation of Matomo on our side (we are on-premise). We will correct it soon.

Could the problem of grouping devices to the same users could come from this?

In any case, we will check the results soon, but it is strange that concerne mainly Android users…

Do you use some cookie for tracking?
Do you use the cid tracking parameter? (check on the network console of your browser or in the HTTP requests log of your Matomo host (Apache, etc.).

Also have a look at:

The config_id or config hash is a string calculated for a visitor based on their operating system, browser, browser plugins, IP address and browser language.

Yes we use cookies in our implementation. I see mainly _pk_id
and _pk_ses.

I can’t find any CID parameter in the network console.

I don’t really understand the difference between the uid and cid parameters as defined here:
Is the cid parameter equivalent to the uid for a non-authenticated user ? (so the difference would be purely organizational ?)


User ID. This is the user identifier (email, login, or something unique that could identify him for ever, what ever his browser or device is…)


Config ID. Kind of fingerprint, but only valid for 1 day (in case of no cookie)… The Config ID will change when changing browser, IP, er even day (in case of no cookie).


Not exactly. User ID will be used to identify the user if available. If not, the Config ID will be used. Matomo can’t guess the User ID, you have to provide it. The Config ID can be provided… But Matomo can generate one if not provided.

Back to the subject

In this case I suppose Matomo identify ‘Same day, same IP (because of your proxy problem), same browser (Chrome 104), no cookie’, → Same CID.
If I am true, all users using the same visitor ID (CID) may have visited your web site for the fist time, the same day… For the first visit the day after, visitors (with same browser) will have another (unique) visitor ID…

Ok, thanks you for very clear response :slight_smile:

We will correct the proxy issu and see if it solve anything.

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Hi @Quentin.New, could you solve the proxy issue? I am facing a similar problem to yours.

Hi @iglimanaj Yes ! It was a mistake in the Matomo configuration.
I don’t what, but I can ask if you want.