Analytics way off

I just installed Piwik last night and placed tags in front of Google Analytics to find a comparison. I’ve found Piwik to miss out on a huge number of statistics and most of the hits are all obviously from mobile devices. Standard hits from the desktop are few and far between. There is no way we only have 450 visits today and that Safari is the #1 browser and Firefox is at the bottom. Something is clearly amiss and I’m wondering about setup. It’s mostly attached to a vbulletin and wordpress blog. The other pages are of different screens or flat pages. Very confusing. Look forward to being back with piwik.

Odd… statistics are just disappearing. It says there were virtually not stats yesterday. The search engines area is blank (yes, I read the FAQ but things are obviously set up properly and piwik is recording data) and it seems to be selective about what it wants to record. It is showing activity in our forums and wordpress site but it’s recording 1/3 the numbers that Google Analytics is providing. Now there is no question both are recording the forum - but obviously the numbers are completely different. Anyone else see such a disparity?

You shouldnt see difference more than 5%. If you have high traffic website see: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

in any case, try and set Timeout to 5 minutes in > General settings

Thanks - I reset the limit. However, under “Referrers >> Search Engines and Keywords” I received one search engine and one keyword for an entire day. There is no way this is possible and not sure why it’s not registering properly. Is it possible I could have missed something or pages aren’t being triggered properly? Entry pages shows that piwik is firing in all areas of the site. Using Mint as well (trying to see what is accurate), it shows 3 search engine referrers in the past half hour. Something is amiss here…