Analyse Pageoverlays - exactly for the year 2016

is it possible, to analyse the Pageoverlays for a spezific period? I want to analyse from 1. January 2016 to 31. December 2016.

In the functions of Piwik I only can find this functions:
• Today
• Yesterday
• Current week
• Current Month
• Current year.

I´m using the german version of Piwik. I hope, my functions are similar to he englisch version.

Some more informations: It´s possible, to get data by changing parameters in the URL:,2015-12-31&idSite=4#?l=http$3A$2F$$2Fstart$2F

But this solution doesn´t work exactly.

Thanks for help!!!

Yes. Have you tried the range? But obviously this won’t work yet for 2016…

Thanks for help! I think, for the function Pageoverlays the normal range doesn´t work in my piwik. After opening the function Pageoverlay only this options are offered (look at the screenshot). Do you have other possiblitys?