An Old and a New Problem of Statistical Interpretation

(Roddy A. Stegemann) #1

The entire statistical read-out can be found by clicking on the words Visits per Visit Count under the sub-heading All Visitors under the heading Key Statistics. The Key Statistics can be found by clicking on the phrase Sponsor Overview under the heading Visitor Profile in the Grammar Captive navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage.

Now, summing across the column on the right yields the same number shown for the Total Visits statistic found under the sub-heading Visits on the same page. What I do not understand is the relationship between the left column and the right column under the heading Visits per Visit Count.

On the same page scroll down to where it says SEO. Can someone please provide a clear explanation as to what the Google and Page rankings represent? Without a benchmark by which to compare they appear meaningless.


(Roddy A. Stegemann) #2

I have found the answer to my old question in the Report Glossary under Visits in the V category. For those who, like me, to Matomo I recommend it highly. Unfortunately, like so much of the Matomo guide, it is not comprehensive.

I could still use help with my new problem – the indexed page ranking. Where does one obtain the current number of total indexed pages, so as to obtain a clear idea of your relative position among all pages? Without a benchmark the statistic is, relatively speaking, meaningless.