An error ocurred... yada yada yada (WP-Piwik)



I’ve just installed Piwik together with WP-Piwik, but have run into the following error:

“An error occured: Please check URL and auth token. You need at least view access to one site.”

I’ve did a fair Google search on this, but other than that I’m not the only one seeing this error, I couldn’t find a solution that worked for me.

I’ve followed the troubleshooting procedure, and it reveals that WP-Piwik somehow has trouble identifying the proper site in the Piwik install, so instead it creates an identical entry. But needless to say, that doesn’t make WP-Piwik happy either. The test script, however, can read those entries and lists them one after the other.

Since I seem to be part of a minority having this issue, I am assuming it is due to the particular circumstances on my server, or in my WP installation. Two that come to mind:

  1. I have WP multisite activated WITH domain mapping. I’m thinking there might be a bug in WP-Piwik somewhere that keeps looking for the wrong path instead of relying on the URL info provided on the configuration screen.

  2. I’ve installed WP-Piwik in /var/www/html so that I can access it from all sites. I’ve read somewhere that this is no problem, but on the other hand the piwik folder also contains folders and files that aren’t world-readable (e.g. in /temp) so I am not sure if this is actually true.

So these are my guesses. Any helps or hins would be highly appreciated.


Never mind - the answer is #3 - a Bug in PIWIK 2.6.1