An error occurred - {path.tmp}/cache/tracker/

i am using the newest Matomo version.
It works normally all until to 8.9. Since yesterday I have these error

An error occurred
An unknown error occurred while parsing the string definition: '{path.tmp}/cache/tracker/'

Hope someone can help me please



Can you check if your config/global.php looks as it should:

You could also use the integrity checker in the system check to find corrupted files.

Thank you for you answer.
The file is the same as mine.

How can i use the integrity checker? I have no Login-Button.


If you can have commandline access to your server, you could run the diagnostics checks similar to:

sudo -u www-data php7.3 /var/www/matomo/console diagnostics:run

If not, Iā€™d recommend you to simply replace all files (apart from the config/config.ini.php) with the ones from the latest Matomo version which should fix any corrupted files.

thank you for you help.
i had also problems on Wordpress, and i found now a solution - all works now - I had PHP 7.0 and my Host changed now to 7.4 for me - now all works fine :slight_smile:

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