An error occured while sending "HTML Email Report"

Hello everyone,

I been using piwik to monitor my site, where i made an report that every 1st day of the month an report would be sent to my mail box. Everything was working nicely, however this month instead of the usual e-mail with the statistics i got an e-mail with an error:

An error occured while sending ‘HTML Email Report - 1.2013-04-25,2013-05-01.2.en.html’ to Error was ‘Permission denied’

i tried to send an e-mail from the box where the site is hosted (using bash/sendmail) and i got this mail test so im assuming nothing is wrong with the server configurations, also i checked the plugin and piwik configuration and nothing seens “bad”. Anyone could give me a tip?

Using Piwik 1.11.1, php 5.3.3 on a CentOS 6.4. Thanks in advance

Edit: forgot to mentioned last month i upgraded to 1.11.1 and before that i been recieving the reports with no problem (doesnt mean this is the one at fault ofc …)

please try using the latest beta: Index of /
where this bug should be fixed ?