Amazon and keeping traffic down

I am wondering if people here have any tips/tricks for keeping data transfer down while using Piwik on Amazon’s EC2 instances.

I tried to use the internal IP, which of course did not work.

What I am trying to achieve is cutting my tracking costs, since each site I am tracking is in the same zone as the Piwik instance, the traffic could be free if I could some how use the internal network to send the data. Anyone doing something like this or know how one could achieve it?

Basically this being my first full month of tracking every site, the costs in data alone for the Piwik instance is almost 3x the cost of every server I am running in the data cost alone.

I have 2 sites averaging over 100K a day, 5 sites averaging 60K a day, 3 sites averaging 30K a day. So each day the Piwik server is taking in close to 590K hits a day from all sites.

Thanks for any and all info :slight_smile:

You could use this script:

Then you let the piwik server resolve to localhost through your hosts file (ie The you should be able to track it all locally.

@npluis Thanks a ton that worked perfectly, took a little to get going but now everything is going through the internal network for each zone. :smiley: